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Experimental Approach For Exploring The Characteristics Of Convective Vortices As An Alternative ‟green” Energy Concept


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S. Nizetic, F. G. Cabo & L. Ticinovic


This paper addresses the specific construction and design of a convective vortex simulation chamber and also elaborates on the alternative energy concepts with convective vortices. Convective vortices could be used as heat engines for electricity production. Electricity could be produced without carbon dioxide emissions if solar energy were used as the heat input into the system. The main part of the energy concept is the gravitational vortex (convective vortices). Research of the behaviour of convective vortices is crucial in order to define specific circumstances for the genesis and maintenance of convective vortices. Hence, a simulation chamber is established to explore some important convective vortex characteristics and to validate some proposed theoretical assumptions. From that point this paper elaborates in detail a specific experimental approach as the basis for future research regarding this specific topic of research – convective vortices as heat engines. Keywords: convective vortices, simulation chamber, alternative energy concept, heat engines. 1 Introduction The idea of the possible utilisation of convective vortices for energy utilisation was first proposed by Michaud [1, 2]. The second proposed concept of a modified solar chimney power plant, in which a solid chimney (the solar chimney power plant concept described in [3, 4]) is replaced with a gravitational vortex, is elaborated in [5] and further developed in [6]. A literature review of


convective vortices, simulation chamber, alternative energy concept, heat engines.