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Numerical Simulation Of Heavy Oil Flows In Pipes Using The Core-annular Flow Technique


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K. C. O. Crivelaro, Y. T. Damacena, T. H. F. Andrade, A. G. B. Lima & S. R. Farias Neto


The importance of heavy oils in the world market for petroleum has increased very quickly in the last years. The reserves of heavy oils in the world are estimated at 3 trillion barrels, while reserves of light oils have reduced progressively in the last decade. The high oil viscosity creates major problems in the production and transportation of the oil. This situation leads to the high pressure and power required for its flow, overloading and damaging the equipment, increasing the cost of production. Due to the need to develop new alternatives that will make the production and transport of heavy oil economically viable, this work has the objective to study, numerically, the behavior of isothermal multiphase flow (heavy oil and water), type \“core flow”, in pipelines, using the software CFX® 3D. The pressure drop was determinated to a core-flow in a pipe with 7 in. diameter, 2.7 Pa.s oil viscosity and water at environment temperature. Results of the pressure, velocity and volume fraction distributions of the phases are presented and analyzed. It was verified that the pressure drop was reduced 58 times when compared to that obtained with oil flow alone in the pipe. Keywords: heavy oil, numerical simulation, CFX®, two-phase flow oil-water.


heavy oil, numerical simulation, CFX®, two-phase flow oil-water