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Performance Testing Of Reflective Insulation Applied In A Prototype Experimental Chamber In Greece: Experimental Results For Summer And Winter Periods


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M. Gr. Vrachopoulos, D. G. Stavlas, L. D. Kravvaritis, M. K. Koukou, N. W. Vlachakis, N. G. Orfanoudakis, S. A. Mavromatis & A. G. Gonidis


With the aim of evaluating a reflective insulation’s performance for utilization in the Greek climate, an experimental chamber facility has been designed and constructed at the campus of the Technological Educational Institution of Halkida, located in the agricultural area of Psachna in Evia island at Central Greece. The side-walls are a two series brick construction with a bubble material laminated between layers of aluminum foil placed in the 20mm gap of the brick layers. Results indicate that the existence of reflective insulation during the summer period averts the super heating at the interior of the experimental chamber while during winter the heat is retained in the chamber. Keywords: reflective insulation, test room, measurement. 1 Introduction Today, the increment of energy efficiency and the exploitation of renewable energy sources are effective ways of reducing the impacts of global warming and improving air quality while it is also an economically effective choice for consumers. The commercial and residential building sector is responsible for a large portion of the total energy consumption on a national level [1,2].


reflective insulation, test room, measurement.