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In Situ Dynamic Characterization Of Soils By Means Of Measurement Uncertainties And Random Variability


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G. Vessia & C. Cherubini


In situ dynamic characterization of natural granular soils by means of VS values is accomplished by direct and indirect investigation techniques. Integration among those types of field test are encouraged by Eurocode 8 through correlations amongst VS and NSPT but this does not suggest the best correlation formulation among the ones presented over the last thirty years. Besides such correlations can provide highly disperse values of VS. Thus a rational design of investigation campaign and measurement interpretation and calculations appears to play an important role in dynamic characterization of granular soils accomplished by in situ tests. It should rely on selecting the best fitting correlation formulations site by site according to soil types, their random structures and the characteristics of investigation techniques measured dynamic soil properties. An application of statistical approach to the issues previously sketched is carried out in the Pomigliano d’Arco urban area where Down-Hole and Standard Penetration tests were performed for dynamically characterizing the foundation soils. Assessment of uncertainties in VS values should allow the performance of hazard analyses and reliability-based design in seismic areas. Keywords: Down-Hole tests, SPT, model uncertainty, NSPT-VS relations, measurement errors. 1 Introduction Dynamic characterization of granular soils at low strain level is the first step of seismic response analyses or of soil basement dynamic classification whenever is needed for building designing activity in urbanized areas. Various \“in field”


Down-Hole tests, SPT, model uncertainty, NSPT-VS relations, measurement errors.