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The Re-commissioning Of A Vent And Reflux Condensation Research Facility For Vacuum And Atmospheric Operation


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J. C. Sacramento Rivero & P. J. Heggs


The vent and reflux condensers are condensers where the primary mode of operation is condensation. Double-pipe vertical condensers are commonly used for their study. On the process side, a vapour mixture enters from the bottom of a vertical tube and as it flows upwards it condenses at the cooled tube wall, forming a falling film flowing counter-current to the vapour. On the other side of the tube, the coolant flows downwards, counter-current to the rising vapour but co-current to the falling condensate film. This paper discusses the re-commissioning of the vent/reflux condensation research facility in the Morton Laboratory at the University of Manchester. The experimental facility was encountered in an inoperable condition after the physical refurbishment of the Morton Laboratory. The sequence of re-commissioning actions taken is detailed and discussed, including instrumentation calibration, the revision and writing of Standard Operation Procedures and modifications to the P&ID. Most of the instrumentation has been connected to the Emerson DeltaV® control system, allowing run-time data acquisition and automated control of the main process variables. A number of operational problems were encountered during the re-commissioning stages and the solution approach is described. The effect of the new and additional instruments/measurements on the mass and energy balances over the facility for previous and preliminary experimental investigations are detailed. Keywords: vent condenser, reflux condenser, re-commissioning, instrumentation, control system.


vent condenser, reflux condenser, re-commissioning, instrumentation, control system.