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Experimental Improvements For Micro-tomography Of Paper And Board


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X. Thibault, S. R. du Roscoat, P. Cloetens, E. Boller, R. Chagnon & J.-F. Bloch


Since early in this century, micro-tomography using an X-ray synchrotron source has aroused scientific interest to characterize the structure of paper. This paper shows improvements that have been made since the first micro-tomographic experiment. This concerns not only the X-ray beam preparation but also the paper sample preparation. To conclude this paper directions for the new developments are given. Keywords: micro-tomography, fibrous media, synchrotron, in-situ experiment. 1 Introduction Fibrous media are ubiquitous in our lives and have a tremendous importance. The variety of their applications is tremendous as for example in medicine, in electronic or in automotive. The need for new materials development or improvement of existing ones still grows. When studying fibrous media whatever the purpose is, the fibrous structure has to be described. Microtomography using X-ray synchrotron radiation arouses scientific interest to achieve this goal. To illustrate this point the peculiar case of papermaking may be hold. When characterising paper with classical method [1], the resulting information are often macroscopic ones or 2D microscopic ones. Nevertheless, in the latter case, a 3D analysis may be done using statistical model [2] [3]. A thorough 3D description of paper may help to improve the end-use properties or the papermaking process itself. This paper is devoted to describe recent progresses that have been done in the micro-tomography of paper. Obviously


micro-tomography, fibrous media, synchrotron, in-situ experiment.