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Waste To Energy As A Contribution To Ravage Elimination


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P. Stehlík & M. Pavlas


The fact that mankind has been facing serious environmental and global problems during recent years is generally known and it is not necessary to emphasize it. However, every concrete way providing us with a method leading to elimination of the ravage of the planet represents a valuable contribution. This paper is aimed at renewable energy in terms of utilizing waste as alternative fuel. The benefit is quite obvious – waste is disposed and its energy content utilized. This approach is called waste to energy Currently, an increasing amount of waste produced (both municipal solid waste - MSW and industrial and/or hazardous waste - IHW) can be considered as a driving force for finding efficient ways for the thermal processing when waste is removed and at the same time used as a valuable fuel. It represents a challenge for potential investors and operators as well as researchers. It is necessary to take into account the following needs: • waste disposal as a necessity • waste-to-energy as the main aim • limitations given by environmental legislation • locality – big cities or villages An idea about building new regional Waste-to-Energy Centers (WTEC) is outlined. It is based on a convenient combination of experience, know-how and sophisticated approach. WTEC is equipped with: • a unit for the thermal treatment of hazardous industrial wastes • a unit for the thermal treatment of common MSW • a special incinerator for the thermal treatment of sewage sludge if more waste water treatment plants are situated in the region • a system for sorting and separation of wastes connected with a production of alternative fuels • a system for utilizing ash and flying ash for secondary building materials WTEC has to be based on up to date technology which enables a further extension and innovation initiated usually by increasing population and standard of living as well as more and more sweeping environmental limits. Keywords: waste, energy, sustainable development, emissions reduction.


waste, energy, sustainable development, emissions reduction.