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Computer Analysis Of Slope Failure And Landslide Processes Caused By Water


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I. Sarafis & J. Zezulak


At headwater channels in particular, the landslide of slopes with water body intersection, together with earth dam failures frequently become a main contribution to debris flow. The use of a computer model for slope stability evaluation of an arbitrary earthwork based on the Bishop's method is discussed. Similarly to that of Peterson, it adopts the assumption of a circular shape of the sliding body and evaluates the balance between the forces acting in the direction of the failure (destructing forces) and the resisting forces. In contrast to Peterson, the Bishop's method considers solely the ‘mobilised’ shear stress as the only part of total shear stress over the sliding circle. The program applies both for earth dams and for natural land-sliding. The AutoCAD engine provides for visual generation of an almost unlimited number of shapes of the body ‘segments’, being interfaced with the input/output utilities of the soil mechanics module. Keywords: earth bodies, landslides affected by water, slip circle, CAD support. 1 Introduction Apart from methods of finite elements and/or differences, the traditional slope stability solvers are classified into two categories, using either principles of elastic theory or conditions of boundary plastic balances. At the latter, the limiting state of sliding body is assumed and conditions of its genesis are examined. The correct presumption of the form and position of slipway surface is a crucial point of such analysis. Different authors consider the problem differently. Possibility of an easy introduction of various types of soils into the earthwork and introducing features of non-homogeneity into its structure becomes main


earth bodies, landslides affected by water, slip circle, CAD support.