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Torrential Streams Water Management In The Shale Watersheds Of Extremely Arid Areas – An Example: Amorgos Isl Cyclades, Greece


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D. Emmanouloudis & M. Kaikis


It is known to all the residents of our country that the Cycladic complex, as well as the rest of the S. Aegean islands face an intense problem of water shortage. The problem becomes more intense during the festival months, when, along with the nullification of the precipitates, there is a vertical rise of demand due to the summer and the arrival of hundreds of thousands of tourists. In order to overcome this problem, certain works have been proposed or even constructed, as well as systems of surface water management in this broader insular area. The purpose of this paper is not simply to indicate another way of rainwater development but to present a system for the manipulation of the running-off potentialities that the economy of nature itself has indicated to the writers. More concretely, the possibility of creating a system of self-supply water reservoirs via overflow is examined in two small shale torrential watersheds of Amorgos island in which—especially in their alluvial fan—impressive for the region plant formations are found (poplars!, pines, vines, banana trees!), which water reservoirs will, consequently, channel the water to the points where irrigation systems are applied. It becomes understandable that the purpose of the above mentioned irrigation system and consequently of this paper is to support nature’s work in a particularly arid environment and to plant in it cultivations with big requirements in water consumption, although, with great financial importance (e.g. horticultural).