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Oil Skimming Technology \“SORBMOP”


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B. Koppe, E. Kumpf & S. Kohlhase


Oil skimming technology "SORBMOP" B. Koppe1, E. Kumpf2, S. Kohlhase1 1 Institute for Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering, University of Rostock, Germany 2 EKU Entwicklungen, Rostock, Germany Abstract Accidental oil spills in estuaries, coastal areas, and the open sea are most probable in connection with severe storms. In the case of heavy sea state and strong currents, countermeasures must be taken very soon after spill, which is often impossible with the existing oil skimming technology. In addition, the existing systems have their shortages in the use in shallow waters. Considering these shortcomings of conventional containment and recovery methods for oil spills a new system named SORBMOP was developed by EKU Entwicklungen Rostock. The new skimming system SORBMOP consists of four components: 1. Oil adsorbing elements 2. Container for storage and placement 3. Surface controlled net Conventional seagoing vessels with special fishery equipment or special vacuum cleaner The system SORBMOP offers advantages in the clean-up of oil spills in open marine areas as well as in shallow marine and inland waters: Rapid action - start of operation within few hours after oil spill by using airplanes for transportation of adsorbing material (avoids pollution of plant, animal, and bird communities) Collection of oil containing adsorbers using conventional seagoing vessels Improvements in oil skimming in shallow waters 1 Introduction Oil spills in marine environment have different causes, which can be separated in intentional and accidental spills. The daily pollution by ships giving their residual heavy oil illegally to the sea instead of legal disposal in harbours is