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Rehabilitation Of Oil-polluted Soils Using Products Obtained In The Process Of Organic Wastes Bioconversion


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S. A. Ilarionov, I. G. Kalachnikova & V. A. Sergeev


Rehabilitation of oil-polluted soils using products obtained in the process of organic wastes bioconversion S.A. Ilarionov1, I.G. Kalachnikova1 & V.A. Sergeev2 1 Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science, Russia 2 <> Ltd., Russia Abstract Utilization and recycling of environment-polluting industrial and agricultural, domestic and urban organic wastes are currently one of the most urgent problems of modem science and practice. Unfortunately, the majority of the existing technologies for organic wastes recycling are not ecologically pure. As an alternative to these methods the whole complex of measures for bioconversion of organic wastes using vermicultivation method by means of Red Californian Worms is offered. The technology offered allows to rehabilitate soil biological activity, which was destructed by oil contamination. It can be used as a prospective source for obtaining biologically substances allowing solving problems in different fields of agriculture and industry. Introduction A question concerning pollution of the environment and soils, in particular, with oil and oil products becomes currently more and more important. Oil industry becomes a global international problem and is considered as the most hazardous contaminant of the nature that leads to soil degradation, causes damage to national economy. In consequence of the accidental oil spills in Russia yearly 25 millions of tons of oil get in environment.