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Oil-spill Combat By Using Lignite, Textiles And Microbiology


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S. Kowalski, A. Jonas & J. Rethmeier


Oil spill combat by using lignite, textiles and microbiology S. Kowalski, A. Jonas & J. Rethmeier eco. carbon GmbH, Germany Abstract To remove oil from water as well as to protect the soil from leakages of machines, the eco. carbon GmbH has developed oil binder mats on the base of lignite (brown coal), which are covered by a specially equipped textile. This textile is oil-permeable but water-repellent. The selective uptake of oil from water and the high oil-adsorption capacity makes the floatable type Aqua oil binder mat an effective measure to combat oil spills on waters and oceans. An additional advantage is the easy laying out: and bringing in of the oil binder mats. The type Terra guarantees an effective and continual protection of the subsoil against oil-contaminations. This mat is passable and trafficable. Also available is a type Terra bioactive mat containing microorganisms. In this case the bounded oil in the mat is degraded by bacteria. All these oil-adsorbing mats are designed to bind more oil than their own weight and no release of the once uptaken oil occured even under compressive load. Introduction Ship damages, the operation of pipelines, the production and the loading of oil, as well as tanking on the water are again and again the reason that larger amounts of oil reach the oceans and inland waters. The economical and ecological damages caused by this are serious. Conventional combatting methods such as chemical / biological treatment, combustion or skimming of the oil slick are either environmentally noxious, expensive, slow, or only limitedly applicable depending on weather and currents.