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Computer Modelling Of Multifingers Hand Driven By Muscle Activation And Application To Artificial Upper-limb System


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T. Tsuta, T. Iwamoto, T. Nakaya, Y. Takeda & K. Ishikawa


Computer modelling of multifingers hand driven by muscle activation and application to artificial upper-limb system T. Tsuta*, T. Iwamoto, T. Nakaya, Y.Takeda & K. Ishikawa *Department of Clinical Engineering Faculty of Health Sciences Hiroshima International University, Galcirenndai, Kurose-cho, Kamo-gun, Hiroshima 724-0695, JAPAN Faculty of Engineering Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima City 739-8527, JAPAN Abstract Multifingers hand of a living human driven by muscle activation has been analysed using multibody dynamics approach based on the updated Lagrange method. Based on the similarities of multi-fingers system of a living human, an artificial four fingers manipulator driven by wire-stepping motors has been developed. Combined it with artificial biorobotics a q so far developed we have developed an exclusive and artificial multifingers hand-arm system. Some manipulation tests have been carried out and the applicabilities of the system developed have been successfully clarified. 1 Introduction Conventioilal robotics system so far developed has been used mainly in production h e of manufachuing, and it is not easy to apply the system to support such as elderly human life in community space, because of the dangerous embironmental condition. However in most elderly assistive technology of human community space it is strongly expected to develop such human-fiendly robotics as applicable to community space. Multibody dynamics of multi-fingers system of a living human, driven by muscle activations, has been formulated and solved a using the update Lagrange method. Based on the characteristics of each joint motions the dynamics of artificial system is designed and the control system is established. Then an artificial four-fingers hand system driven by wire-stepping motors which is set at remote field has been