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An Analysis Of Structure Design Of Storey-increase Of Certain Building On Natural Foundation


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H. Xuanjiang, C. Haosheng & Zh. Shudong


An analysis of structure design of storey- increase of certain building on natural foundation H. Xuanjiang1, C.Haosheng2 & Zh.Shudong2 1Nanjing University of Technology, China 2Jiangsu Foundation Engineering General Company, China Abstract This paper introduces an example of engineering construction work; the reforming of a 3-storey office building constructed on a natural foundation more than forty years ago into a 7-storey residence to meet the needs of social development. The structural system with an outer covered frame storey-increase was chosen, as it allowed the area to be enlarged. According to the principle of biomimetics, the plant root has a better stability, so an artificial excavated-bellied pile foundation was made on natural foundation. At the same time, the design was carried out according to the method of deformation control. Its actual value of settlement is found to be consistent with the estimated one, thus showing that the design theory is consistent with engineering practice. 1 Introduction This L-type office building was built in 1954 and was used as a guesthouse in the 1970s. The main body is a 3-storey brick masonry building having a reinforcement concrete strip foundation and partial basement. In order to solve the housing problem for the younger staff and workers, the building was reformed into a 7-storey residence. However, the building had been out of repair for years and there were leaks in the basement and bathrooms, which could not be used any more. In addition, there was a 6-storey building in close vicinity. Therefore gradual retreating step-up had to be made, so as to let light enter this neighboring building. It was such a complex job that even water pipes, electric wiring had to be renewed.