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Text-tiles Of In-formation: Drawing Inspiration From The Nature Of Things


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M. A. Báez


Through modern computer visualization and analyzing techniques we have recently acquired deeper insights into the ways energy is interwoven into dynamic systems and structures of startling beauty and versatility that often recall the patterns and motifs found throughout the natural and man-made environment. The elemental modular (or \“tiled”) patterns that emerge from these processes inherently contain information and are themselves dynamic events-in-formation. An understanding and appreciation of our innate relationship with this phenomenon can be achieved through hands-on systematic \“readings” of these emergent fluent \“text-tiles.” Such a procedure allows for an intuitive learning process to occur through the nature of the materials and processes involved. This paper presents the work and research produced through an on-going architectural project that seeks to investigate the morphological and integrative versatility of nature’s fundamental processes. Work produced by students in workshops incorporating educational methods and procedures derived from this research will also be presented. The morphologically rich possibilities offered by this working and teaching method offers new insights into nature’s processes and into the aspirations of key central figures in the early formative period of modern architecture. Introduction There are systems and patterns generated by the fundamental processes that exist throughout the natural environment. These fertile, self-organizing and