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Solutions Derived From Natural Processes Harmonising Nature And Material Culture


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H. Hendrickx & H. Vanwalleghem


Solutions derived from natural processes harmonising nature and material culture H. Hendrickx1 & H. Vanwalleghem2 1Department of Architectur, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium 2Architect, Belgium Abstract Our ability to define, control and process has been developed to a maximum extent in the natural sciences in general, and to physics in particular. This ability is the nearest we have to physical planning but should inspire further the organisation of the field towards maximum problem avoidance, resisting, mitigating and solving ability. It is also here, within natural sciences, that the importance of universal and general applied systems become clear. Take them away and nature collapses into impotence devoid of evolution ability. A similar lack of such systems in our artificial world, or culture in general, might explain the many urgent current and future problems they cause. In addition, those fields would show an extreme lack of operational or solution making function. These fields and disciplines are relevant and interdependent. They are part of the often mentioned 3 layered global concept which consists of mankind on the top, the cultural or our artificial world interface in between, and nature or the environment studied by physics and natural sciences at the bottom. Our artificial or manmade interface, consists of immaterial political, social and economic sub layers and an important but overlooked artificial material substratum of material culture, or the artificial physical supporting system of mankind. Its importance can be derived indirectly from the call for global economic systems, which do aim at sustainable development in respect of nature or the environment. Indeed, economic systems only impact directly on nature via material goods. Hence, if a global economic system is required, development of a global materialising system might be a precondition for its effectiveness. Those general systems derived from natural sciences can offer help decisively in avoiding, resisting, mitigating or solving urgent, current and future global problems. This is in effect a search for integration and compatibility between mankind and nature.