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Contributions To An On-line Exchange Of Environmental Data


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Meanwhile in almost all countries automatic monitoring systems are installed and under operation in order to measure environmental data. Most of them are installed for local, regional, or national survey using different parameter and settings for data acquisition, transmission, evaluation, and storage. Due to the different and often non-compatible solutions scheduled transboundary data exchange is costly and up to now rarely realised. More and more, natural risks can be restricted only by strengthening the international co-operation. Supplementary to organisational and structural measures for precaution and protection, reliable decision support and forecast becomes essential. This requires the access to environmental data close to real time as well as to historic data beyond national borderlines. At present, financed by the Commission of the European Communities TechniData is realising an international on-line exchange of radiometeorological data and information being relevant for decision support, governmental and public information. The concept is based on the most modern data base and communication techniques using TCP/IP connections and the EURDEP file standard. The system is suitable to exchange measured data, information in form of figures and graphs, processed data, results of prediction models, and text information and operates in three modes (normal, intensive, test). The task is designed on different levels: Interfacing of all relevant national systems to one National Data Centre and concentration and standardisation of the related information, implementation of a Regional Data Centre associated to several NDCS and exchange the collected data and information on a regular basis, making data and information available to other RDCS. Pre-condition for the realisation of the international on-line data exchange is the multilateral agreement on standardisation and data provision.