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Developing A Training Program To Develop The Competency Of Regional Operating Officers (ROO) In A Virtual Service Provider Office (VSPO) In Thailand


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P. Boonda, A. Preedeekul


The purpose of this study was to develop a training program to develop the competency of ROO in a VSPO in Thailand which was conducted in four stages as follows: (1) the study and review of virtual regional office models, (2) analysis and synthesis, the first stage and then creation and justification, a model, (3) implementation by training, and (4) evaluation. The research found that the training program was composed of four modules as follows: (1) Health Sector Reform and Regional Health System; (2) Management, Leadership, and Partnership for Regional Health; (3) Competency of ROO; and (4) Field Study. The results of achievements after training showed that the knowledge of the practitioners who were trained at competency level 1 had improved from 75.00% to 88.35%. The knowledge of the practitioners at level 2 increased from 82.50% to 87.50%. The achievement of skills by behavioral observation suggested that the practitioners at level 1 had increased their skills from 50.30% to 75.00%. The practitioners at level 2 increased their skills from 60.50% to 79.50%. An evaluation of productivity before and after the training program for three major elements found that SWOT analysis increased from 76.69% to 96.78%, determination strategies from 86.86% to 98.25%, and finally transformation strategies to action plan from 80.52% to 95.64%. It can be confidently concluded that this program was developed with considerable applicability to other offices.


training program, regional operating officer, virtual office, service provider office