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The En Bloc Sale Mechanism As A Method Of Strata Scheme Termination And Urban Renewal: A Review


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S. Zakiah, H. Khadijah


The increase of population has an impact on the physical development sector. Thus, various initiatives are implemented so that the physical development of land resources are used optimally and efficiently. One of the development initiatives undertaken is the introduction of the multi-storey building, also known as strata development. Strata development is seen as one of the efficient methods of construction, especially in urban areas. However, there have been issues and challenges related to the strata development resulting in the abandoned development. This will cause a negative impact in the long term, for example in terms of safety, health and sustainability aspects in development. Due to the continuation of this problem, there are initiatives that have been introduced and practiced in some countries, namely En Bloc Sale for strata building. The idea behind this concept is to encourage urban renewal in countries or cities with land scarcity issues. Matters discussed in this research include the concept of En Bloc Sale, process and legal framework used based on experience in Singapore. Accordingly, this research will be conducted in a qualitative method in which it will rely on the analysis of the relevant statutes, rules, regulations, books, journals, articles, theses, seminar papers, electronic materials and various newspaper reports. This research is expected to review En Bloc Sale mechanism as a method of urban renewal and strata scheme termination.


strata scheme, termination of strata scheme, urban renewal, En Bloc Sale