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New Framework Of Child-friendly Living In High-rise Housing


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Z. Y. Sitiayu, H. Khadijah, T. Zurinah


High-rise buildings are in high demand among many types of housing in the country that cater for the current needs and demands. The statistics show an increasing number of incidences where children fall from high-rise residences such as flats and condominiums. These incidences not only resulted in injury, but there has also been cases of deaths. Such sad occurrences are in fact avoidable. They should not occur, even more so where children are involved. Unfortunately, these events have taken place because the designs of many high-rise buildings lack the necessary safety features. The safety aspect needs to be emphasized in the design of high-rise buildings, especially with regard to child safety. In this connection, physical features related to comfort, security, and adequate access to recreational areas would help prevent tragedies of children falling, while allowing provisions for emergencies and crime prevention measures. The need for proper planning in the physical aspects of housing designs that offer a safe environment should be impressed upon local authorities, housing developers and parents so that cases of children falling from high-rises would not recur. This paper presents a framework and guidelines for the comprehensive planning of high-rise buildings to ensure the incorporation of physical features conducive to child safety.


high-rise buildings, quality, children friendly, framework