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ICT As A Sustainable Economic Solution For Emerging Countries


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M. Abdollahpouri


The goal of developing and planning affordable and sustainable solutions for emerging countries has come to the fore for policy makers and professionals in various disciplines. Examples of such solutions – in the fields of business, technology, innovation, education, livelihood, etc. – can be derived from the academic literature and/or executive reports. In this paper, the focus is on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a sustainable solution for the economies of emerging countries. It is suggested that for emerging countries, economic sustainability can be envisioned through the application of ICT with regard to the characteristics of their own markets. In order to investigate the impact of ICT as a sustainable solution, we firstly identify the specific characteristics of emerging countries and their markets. Then ICT’s capacity for creating sustainability is presented in terms of the characteristics of emerging markets and economies. The types of ICTs relevant to the theme of emerging countries are highlighted, and the ways in which they can provide economically sustainable solutions. This research concludes with the way in which emerging markets have the capacity to take advantage of ICT because of their features of growing populations and low-cost labour markets. Emerging markets can also benefit from ICT to nurture skilled human capital, reduce volatility, bolster capital markets and shape a dynamic economy.


ICT, emerging country, economic sustainability, offshoring, volatility, capital market, human resource