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Increasing Resilience By Holistic Catalyst To Further Thriving Communities


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L. H. Shamsul, S. S. Zubir, F. R. Razali, Z. Yahya, F. Kholid


Man has never made any material as resilient as the human spirit and this represents his resiliency to ensure the survivability of the community. Urban development creates benefits for people and in the case of Ho Chi Minh City, an enormous wave of new developments are being executed to accommodate the policy of the nation’s economic growth for the next two decades. However, the conventional developments of the city neglect the consequences which will devastate the local population and heritage that will then culminate into a city without an identity. This paper delineates an urban design exercise that will grasp the core activities of the locals where the crucial factors such as their culture, economics and quality of life are vital for survival with the current developments. Their resiliency will ensure the heritage of the place and identity remains intact in the long run and creates a balance development for the city. The current decaying neighbourhood is healed with effective urban intervention phases that will improve the economic status of the individual which then translate to the community and subsequently the place itself hence rejuvenating the crumbling local society in Phurong four vicinity. By adapting a theoretical approach of the machine and organic models, innovative housing typologies and spatial re-programming will be generated to meet future demands and subsequently improves the public realm of this district.


housing, public park, retail blocks, waterfront, economy, resiliency