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The Vendée Globe: A Fair Deal, For The Sustainable Development Of Sables D’Olonne?


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M.-M. Damien


The Vendée Globe is becoming a mythical event for Sables d’Olonne. It is the “Vendée Blue Gold!”, which is how we know it today. In 2014, the Vendée Globe was considered a fascinating event, self-made by the area, so it may be considered as Vendean Heritage, well identified and developed by all the inhabitants who are able to participate and collaborate in its success. They are really proud of it. It is an excellent example of a sustainable tourism project and a successful event created by local people. Vendée Globe is today a landmark.

How has this famous event galvanized and is continuing to galvanize people for action towards sustainable development of the city and its surrounding region? It has generated a real urban and country metamorphosis and a new local dynamic since 1989 and has changed attitudes.

To study this evolution, the common methods and participative techniques that have been used or are still used across both categories: interviews: individual and in depth (100/year ante and post and during the event), focus groups with stakeholders and partners took place during each phase and episode of Vendée Globe. Elements as indicators have been chosen and analyzed after every race to try to estimate internal and external effects on the territory and landing management. But will the management of the race escape from its local partners in the future?


alone race, no call, round the world, sustainable tourism, sponsoring, indicators, ex-ante evaluation, evaluation during the event, ex-post evaluation, association, impacts