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Urban Residents And Their Preferences Of Environmental Elements


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A. C. Kasim, M. U. Azizan, K. Hussin, M. M. G. M. A. Rahman


Densification is recommended to achieve urban sustainable development through road and building construction as well as expanding environmental elements. Continuously, the urban areas increase in the number of inhabitants as well as in size. An urban environmental element provided by urban green spaces, water bodies and good environmental quality create the economic and recognized the positive impacts to the surrounding property. Generally, people seem to be able to appreciate the natural and designed landscape as well as the recreational benefits. However, speedy urbanization process overwhelmed the living space thus incur the damage in social relationships. The land use pressures are interrelated internally for fiscal benefits and externally for creating the preserve land for habitat. For urban residents, the creation, preservation and maintenance of urban environmental elements and greened areas must be considered along with the other essential services as we move into the rapid growth of urbanization. Unfortunately, such environmental elements are too often the first budget item cut when there are trade-offs to be made. Accordingly, this research is conducted through quantitative method by distributing the questionnaire to residents in an urban area in order to gather information on the preferences of residents about the urban environmental elements specifically. This study is expected to reveal all of the aspects that have to be collectively considered in expanding the benefits of urban environmental elements as well as to show the connections that can influence a city’s image and urban planning positively.


urban environmental element, urban green space, water body, residents, preference