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The Sanità District In Naples: Community Involvement In Developing Its Heritage Value


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C. Salomone


Naples is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, located in the centre of the ancient Mediterranean region, and as such has a very rich cultural heritage. Nowadays, the current urban fabric preserves a selection of outstanding elements of its long and eventful history, but we set out to focus attention on this little-known inner-city community, the Sanità District. Despite the district’s rich cultural history and heritage, it is still a marginal touristic player. This working-class district has been neglected for a long period of time. Since the 1990s, Naples has been experiencing a renaissance. The trend for reviving heritage would be selected through a locally relevant participation process that is appropriate to the context. Many associations are already working to foster an active and competitive heritage process. Local stakeholders must be associated with the mobilization of the inhabitants as with the associative dynamics that have been enacted since the 1980s. This concept is associated with the heritagization process: a Canadian concept from the 2008 Icomos Symposium. This integrates the attitudes that need to be adopted and the approaches and methods that need to be developed to ensure that the spirit of place can be transmitted; that is to say, the process that leads to the recognition of the historic value of certain objects and practices and of the imperative need to ensure they are protected. Our research method therefore is aimed at identifying how the effects of these are being felt by actors, public and private, and local inhabitants and tries to explore their needs, aspirations, fears and concerns by means of direct interviews and surveys. The results of these are focused on local networks and on stakes, objectives and modalities, the levels of success in achieving heritagization outcomes and an assessment of their social impact.


heritagization, evaluation policy, involvement of the inhabitants, local development, sustainable tourism