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Biogas Robust Processing With Combined Catalytic Reformer And Trap: BioRobur Project


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Y. S. Montenegro Camacho, S. Bensaid, D. Fino, D. Trimis, A. Herrmann, N. Guilhaume, Y. Schuurman, A. G. Konsatndopoulos, S. Lorentzou, S. Gianella, M. Antonini, L. Marchisio, A. Ortona, A. Khinsky


The present work summarizes experimental results obtained up to a lab scale level within the framework of the SP1-JTI-FCH.2-Collaborative Project ‘BIOROBUR’. The main objective of the project is the development and testing of a robust and efficient fuel processor based on direct autothermal reforming (ATR) of biogas, and demonstration at a scale equivalent of 50 Nm3/h hydrogen production. Modelling and simulation (CFD and FEM) were carried out to select the catalyst support with promising results for the BioRobur fuel processor and, furthermore, 2D CFD analysis also were used to examine flow uniformity issues due to soot trap integration provided immediately downstream the reformer. Catalysts for the ATR reformer and soot trap were synthesized and tested. The results achieved so far are highly promising. Besides, safety studies and life cycle analysis (LCA) of the overall process are also being conducted. The partners involved in the BioRobur project bring together a sufficient number of important European actors on a scientific, research and industry level.


robust and efficient fuel processor, biogas, hydrogen, ATR reformer, catalysts, soot trap, gasification, modelling, simulation, catalyst support