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Realization Of A Sustainable Society By Personal Electric Transportation And Natural Energy


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Y. Miyamoto


Energy problem is a never-ending matter of life for us as we have limited resources to use. In modern times, energy problems have a great impact on the environment due to enormous and growing energy demand, and rapid depletion of fossil fuels that are largely consumed in transportation. It has become clear in the serious earthquake in East Japan that this depletion would raise a serious problem called WEB− Water, Energy, Bread (food). Of these, energy is a big problem in Japan. The energy self-sufficiency rate in Japan is 4% which is less than 1/10th of the food self-sufficiency rate in Japan i.e. 40%. The purpose of this paper is to address possible resolutions to this problem. The migration from a large-scale centralized power generation system by conventional fossil fuel or nuclear power to a small scale distributed power generation system by natural energy, such as solar power and wind power, is one policy. The individuals and organizations covered by this energy system will be forced to be responsible for its management. If that happens, it is also necessary to review current energy consumption. The realization of a sustainable society, through the use of a modal shift by an independent power source, such as a personal transporter, proposed to be very effective, must be addressed. In addition, the energy of the future society, innovation of the use of natural energy and battery technology is a big key. In this paper the results from experimental results are described. Subsequently, in future work, \“saving”, \“accumulation” and \“production” of energy will be focused on. The theme of this paper is our experience in the serious earthquake in East Japan that led to the transition from fossil fuel and nuclear power to renewable smart energy, which must be now conveyed to the rest of the world. Keywords: natural energy, modal shift, personal transportation, battery.


Keywords: natural energy, modal shift, personal transportation, battery.