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Emission Tests Of The F100-PW-229 Turbine Jet Engine During Pre-flight Verification Of The F-16 Aircraft


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J. Merkisz, J. Markowski & J. Pielecha


The operation of military aircraft is associated with the realization of objectives that are connected with national defence. Particular importance is attributed to the defence of national borders and airspace. In the realization of the above, one of the best are multirole jet fighter planes such as F16. A continuous readiness of the aircraft to perform the military tasks requires certain diagnostic procedures that verify their condition. One of them is a pre-flight trial during which the functioning of all aircraft components, including the power train is tested. The testing of the engine consists in the evaluation of several parameters for the assumed setting of the power lever and allows evaluating the operational capability as regards the realization of the flight. However, it is impossible to retrieve information on the condition of the engine. Hence, it seems reasonable to introduce an additional procedure enabling the determination of the concentrations of the exhaust emission components in order to monitor the aircraft engine condition. The paper presents the results of research on the exhaust emissions from a multirole F16 aircraft during the pre-flight trial. The aim of this project was to verify the possibilities of measurement of the exhaust emissions during the trial, the evaluation of the exhaust emissions at varied power lever settings and the obtainment of the preliminary data for the evaluation of the exhaust emissions during tests under aircraft actual operating conditions. The obtained data were used for the calculation of the relations characterizing the influence of the operating parameters of the engine on the exhaust emissions. The paper presents the results of the tests and their analyses allowing an evaluation of the possibilities of application of this type of stationary tests for the determination of the exhaust emissions from turbine jet engines. Keywords: exhaust emissions, turbine jet engines.


exhaust emissions, turbine jet engines