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Trace Element Concentrations Of Size-fractionated Particulate Matter In The Atmosphere Of Istanbul, Turkey


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Ü. Alver Şahin, B. Onat & G. Polat


In this study, the physical characteristics and metal contents of particulate matter (PM) have been determined. In this scope, PM sampling has been done at 5 stations (Avcılar, Beşiktaş, Kilyos, Rasathane, Göztepe) for 2 years. PM filter samples were collected for 8 different size(<0.43 μm, 1-0.43 μm, 1-1.7 μm, 1.7- 2.6 μm, 2.6-3.5 μm, 3.5-5 μm, 5.2-6.5 μm, 6.5-8 μm and >8 μm) using the cascade impactor. PM filters were decomposed and analyzed for 8 metals (Cr, Mn, Fe, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cd and V). According to the results, trace element concentrations at all the stations were at least 2 times higher than at the Kilyos station which was selected as the urban background station. Pb, Cd and V elements are mainly present in fine fraction of PM, while Cu, Mn and Fe mass is found in coarse fraction of PM. Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) values for crustal element (Fe, Cr, Cu and Mn) were found to be in the coarse size fraction and anthropogenic element (Pb, Cd and V) were found to be in the fine particles. The major PM source was observed industrial facilities at the Avcılar; traffic and domestic heating at the Beşiktaş, Göztepe and Rasathane. Keywords: air pollution, particulate matter, trace metals, size distribution, Istanbul.


air pollution, particulate matter, trace metals, size distribution, Istanbul