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Analysis Of Water Consumption Of A Drip Irrigation System Compared With Sprinkler Installation: A Case Study In Sicily (Italy)


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M. L. Deangelis & G. Negrini


The techniques used for water supply for the crops are many and each has unique characteristics. For all methods it is of prime importance to pay attention to the efficiency of water use, which is increasingly subject to high waste. Therefore, it seems essential to investigate the issues surrounding water management and efficiency of its distribution techniques for cultivation. In particular, in this work, we will analyze the relationships between water resources and crops, as these can change with variations in soil properties, weather factors and how they are influenced by irrigation management. In this regard, a citrus grove located in the Sicilian province of Catania was chosen, on the slopes of Etna, whose characteristics reflect the standard of local citrus groves surrounding the volcano. The two main irrigation methods that were used in the plot are compared: the first plant, by sprinkling, was active from 1965 to 2008. Given the high costs of maintenance, water supply and decreasing production yield, it was decided to replace it with a more modern system of subirrigation, which became operational in 2009. In order to compare the two different installations, technical properties of the plants and their water consumption are considered. This study highlights what are the aspects to be considered in optimizing the water use efficiency. Keywords: sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, water consumption.


sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, water consumption.