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Can A Hotel Be Ecological?


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E. Trocka-Leszczyńska & J. Jablonska


A hotel is a business and commercial enterprise focusing on gathering maximum income while optimizing costs. Owners try to encourage clients to choose their brand by adding new services, rising up standards, refurbishing and renewing interiors in order to surprise guests with a new design. Constant development of this branch forces its elements to change and transform every day. This aspect is both positive and negative. It brings aliveness to the surroundings but then costs, material and energy usage are high. Certainly, tendencies for building ecological hotels have been found trendy and are used as a marketing element, but can a hotel be truly ecological? Does this expression mean only usage of energy and water saving solutions? Can a network hotel with 900 rooms located in a small mountain town or a very modern object placed next to an old historical church be ecological under any circumstances? Is culture of building important? This article is an attempt to find answers to the aforementioned questions. Mostly Polish hotels have been chosen as a research material for study as we have experienced a large growth in this area since information about EURO 2012 was announced. Among other examples, buildings such as \“Hotel Golebieski” in Karpacz, \“Scandic”, \“Tumski” and \“Puro” in Wroclaw, \“HOT_elarnia” in Puszczykowo will serve as an analysis and a comparative analysis to find what qualities stand for a truly ecological hotel. Keywords: ecological hotel, ecological solutions, environment friendly policies.


ecological hotel, ecological solutions, environment friendly policies