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Elements Of Ecological Architecture In Theologos: A Traditional Settlement On Thassos Island, Greece


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K. Lantitsou & B. Stefanis


The aim of this work is the enhancement of ecological planning principles and manufacturing through the study of traditional architecture. Thassos is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, mountainous with rich vegetation, history and culture; the only Aegean island where we see the traditional Macedonian and Thracian building methods of the hinterland, with certain local peculiarities that concern mainly construction techniques and habits. The mountainous settlement of Theologos preserves many of the south oriented traditional buildings, built entirely from stone or from a combination of stone and timber. Their roofs are usually covered with slates. Building materials, such as stones and slates, are excavated from nearby regions, while wood is taken from pine trees found everywhere in the region. The village streets are paved while particular architectural interest is present in the churches. It is worth mentioning that the entire settlement has elements of ecological urban planning; south oriented while the north is protected from the mountain range and also the organization of space in to parishes – neighbourhoods with a complete community way of life. Furthermore, inside the community in the middle of the 20th century, a self-reliant local growth existed, following ecological development principles. It can be said that this traditional settlement demonstrates the principles of ecological development and ecological planning, but mainly, the principles of ecological architecture within a local tradition. Keywords: ecological architecture, traditional settlements.


ecological architecture, traditional settlements