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Impact Of Effluent Disposal Pit On Groundwater Quality At Sabriya Oil Field


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M. Al-Senafy, A. Mukhopadhyay, A. Al-Khalid, H. Bhandary, K. Al-Fahad & A. Bushehri


Based on an earlier surface resistivity survey and KOC recognition of the threat imposed by the discharge pits upon the groundwater quality in the areas of its operation, this study was carried out to determine any potential source of contamination and to construct a groundwater quality monitoring network around the disposal pit located at Sabriya oil fields in northern Kuwait. One production well and three monitoring wells were designed, constructed, and logged. Water samples from the disposal pit and four groundwater samples from the newly drilled wells were analyzed for physical, chemical, biological and isotopic components. The results of the pumping tests, groundwater levels, and chemical analysis were incorporated in a visual MODFLOW numerical model. It was concluded that the brine water disposed in the Sabriya pit along with the pollutants carried in it had infiltrated and raised both the water table and the levels of salinity and other pollutants in the groundwater. To protect the fresh and brackish groundwater reserves of this area, which is of strategic importance to Kuwait, it has been recommended that the disposal of the oil field brines and the associated pollutants in the discharge pits should be discontinued immediately and other methods of disposal should be considered. Keywords: contamination, levels, wells, pumping test, modelling.


contamination, levels, wells, pumping test, modelling