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The Ambatovy Project Forest Management Program: A Landscape Approach To Maintain Biodiversity


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B. Ramahavalisoa, J. J. Randrianirinarisoa, M. Rajaonarivony, B. Rakotomanga, V. Mass & P. Andrianaivomahefa


The Ambatovy Project is a nickel and cobalt exploitation operation that includes an open pit mine located near Moramanga, Madagascar, an area recognized for its high regional biodiversity. As a consequence, the Project has implemented a stringent biodiversity management plan for the conservation area surrounding the mine footprint which also overlaps with the neighboring Torotorofotsy Ramsar site. As part of its biodiversity policy and to adhere to \“IFC Performance Standard 6” on biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resource management, the Project is committed to 1) avoiding species extinction, 2) minimizing impacts to natural resources, 3) realizing an actual net increase in the conservation of rare habitats, 4) assuring the viability of priority habitats by maintaining or increasing habitat connectivity, and 5) link Project actions in support of biodiversity with other regional biodiversity initiatives. To obtain these objectives, the Project has adopted a landscape approach to forest management that considers both the high level of biodiversity and the local population’s dependence on natural resources as a means to sustain their livelihoods. As part of this approach, the Project is engaged in several activities including obtaining legal protection for a corridor linking the conservation area to the National protected areas system, providing support in updating the Ramsar site’s management plan and creating a mine area forest zoning system that includes involving the local communities in forest management for sustainable resource use. Preliminary results suggest that activities implemented based on the landscape approach can be an effective means to decrease human pressure on areas of high conservation importance. Keywords: biodiversity, mine, Madagascar, landscape approach, zoning, forest management, sustainable development.


biodiversity, mine, Madagascar, landscape approach, zoning, forest management, sustainable development.