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Ancol Jakarta Bay City As A Sustainable Destination Park: Assessing Crowd Based On Tourism Carrying Capacity


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R. A. Wahyuningputri


The current sustainability of tourism development in Ancol Jakarta Bay City suggests that issues surrounding congestion, crowding and their relationship with the quality of the resort’s carrying capacity will emerge as a significant problem in the future. Some causes of destruction occur in a tourism area if the maintenance process has not yet been finished because of sustainability development of the carrying capacity and therefore the related sector will be damaged. So, this research was created to identify factors that influence a visitor’s perception of crowding in Ancol Bay City as a whole and each zone inside, based on indicators of the destination carrying capacity, and to solve problems related to crowd concerns so that they can be modified and prevented in a sustainable development process. While the theory of crowding in a destination carrying capacity was developed, a conceptual framework was also created, which is the operationalization of the theory, because it is a complex mental formulation of experiences, as crowding in a related destination could be damaging to the tourism carrying capacity. Factors that influence the sense of crowding can be classified into three groups: personal factors of each visitor, the characteristics of the encountered visitors and the characteristics related to the area visited. As a sustainable destination park, Ancol Dreamland must take some risks to maintain the existing destination park and also to make it better than before. This report examines issues of acceptability, crowding and visitor experiences at the destination park and suggests a framework for management of the visitor experience and the destination carrying capacity. Keywords: destination parks, theme park, carrying capacity, crowd, perceived crowding, tourism.


destination parks, theme park, carrying capacity, crowd, perceived crowding, tourism.