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Sustainable Tourism In An Urban Desert


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R. Cameron, S. Conway & P. Washeba


In the United States and in a number of other countries around the world, LEED certification has become the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. Achieving LEED certification is the best way to demonstrate that your building project is truly \“green”. MGM Resorts International recognized that sustainable development of its CityCenter project was vitally important to making sure that the Las Vegas Valley will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment, while providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to its residents and customers Keywords: sustainable development, green building, LEED, sustainable tourism, Las Vegas, economic impact. 1 Introduction The Las Vegas Strip has always been known for its bright neon lights and stunning array of bold colors, but increasingly the \“Strip” has taken a leadership role in promoting environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability is the concept of conserving scarce resources today to protect the future. This paper focuses on the efforts of MGM Resorts International to build an urban resort destination that was created with a vision to bring a new level of environmental consciousness to the world-famous \“Strip”. To realize this plan, MGM Resorts International executives met with numerous architects to review their work and understand their approach to environmental sustainability. When the search was concluded, MGM Resorts International chose eight of the world’s foremost architects to begin the design phase that would take CityCenter from concept to reality. The eight-architects engineered a \“city within a city”, where residents and visitors alike can live, work, and play in its 67-acre footprint. This unique community is transforming expectations, and is providing a remarkable


sustainable development, green building, LEED, sustainable tourism, Las Vegas, economic impact.