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The Cross Border Agenda 21 As A Governance Tool


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F. Pirlone, Z. Sotgia, I. Spadaro & P. Ugolini


This paper draws on research conducted within an EU program (Project ACTI.VE-Operational Programme Italy–France \“Maritime” 2007–2013, cooperation area regions: Liguria, Tuscany and Corsica) and reports, besides the most significant results, further proposals and processing. The research goal is to define a cross border Agenda 21 as a tool for planning, development and sustainable management of the land on a transboundary level, to promote the best good practices for creating an Action Plan on Transboundary (PAT). Such actions are, in fact, the operational tool to achieve acceptable levels of sustainability. Each best practice, however, is \“a product of its own territory” and is therefore difficult present it again \“tout court” in the different territorial contexts. In the first part, the analysis of the state of the art of Agenda 21 will be reported at different levels of scale, and the best practices identified (cognitive analysis), some of which were shared within international Forum. In this perspective, information, awareness, communication and training are essential steps of the participatory process (awareness both of the individual and the community of belonging), inherent in the process of Agenda 21. In the later stages, in order to make this process more effective, a methodological approach has been identified and a questionnaire prepared (for the four topics: waste, mobility and transport, energy and tourism) aimed at both enhancing the contributions of all partners and identifying the \“applicability threshold” of best practices. The identification of the latter is essential today to support public administrations in choosing actions of planning, management and development, as well as monitoring, more suitable to their respective fields of competence. Keywords: Agenda 21, action plan, best practices, participatory process, governance, sustainability.


Agenda 21, action plan, best practices, participatory process, governance, sustainability.