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Irrigation Pressure Vs Sustenance Needs Of The Great River Ganga (Ganges) In India With Reference To Allahabad-Uttar Pradesh


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A. Kumar


Ganga, a symbol of purity and plentyness of water in Indian culture and literature, is struggling for its existence today. It is mainly because of uplifting of over 80% river water for irrigation in Upper Ganga Canals responsible for yielding more than 3.55 million tons of wheat alone in western Uttar Pradesh apart from other crops like rice, sugarcane, etc. Tehri Dam, built for generation of electricity (2400MW), irrigation (8700 km2) and domestic water supply, is also limiting water flow in the river. The critically reduced water level, added with enormous amount of domestic and industrial effluents, is disquieting citizens of the country, particularly during month-long bathing festival (Kumbha Mela) of Prayag (Allahabad) in winter when water level reaches at its lowest ebb. Though the government is trying hard to regulate the discharge of untreated domestic and industrial effluents into the river, however, some age old religious practices such as throwing of the remains of various Hindu rituals, floral offerings, carcasses of certain animals, partially burnt bodies and ashes from pyres, etc. can not be controlled forcefully. Since these activities are associated with faith and sentiments, they could be countered only by motivation and awakening created under a higher religious umbrella. Our attempt is to sensitize the people against these practices by taking help of Vedas – the highest religious scriptures of the Hindus. Quotes/axioms from Vedas and related scriptures preventing water/river pollution are making great impact over the religious folks during our environmental education camps and we have come to the conclusion that apart from various pollution abatement measures, Vedic dictates are of great help in creating environmental awakening among public in general and religious


Allahabad, Prayag, clean Ganga campaign, Ganga and Ganga canals, Kumbh/Mahakumbh festivals, Magh Mela, river pollution