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Studies On Water Quality Index (WQI) Of Ground Water Of Surat City, India


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J. Desai & S. K. Tank


The city of Surat is a fast developing subtropical city situated between 20.58°′N and 72.54°′E. The need of water is increasing continuously. The water is obtained through river,-reservoir-canals- and ground water. Most of the industries and residential buildings procure their water from the underground source. Present work includes the hydrological parameters of the ground water samples obtained from 10 different spots viz. Piplod, Bhatar, Citylight, Adajan, Sachin, Pandesara, Varachha, Kadodara, Palsana and Hajira. From each sampling station, samples were collected for the year 2009 (Once a month). Samples were analyzed for various physico-chemical parameters. Water Quality Index (WQI) was determined on the basis of various parameters and Water Rating was done by Water Rating System adapted by Canadian Council for Ministry of the Environment (CCME). The parameters responsible for poor WQI were analyzed further by statistically also. WQI of sampling station Piplod was 58.64, Bhatar – 72.06, Citylight – 71.39, Adajan – 60.30, Sachin – 32.54, Pandesara – 41.14, Varachha – 36.41, Kadodara – 72.81, Palsana – 65.44 and Hajira – 60.67. WQI of different locations indicate that six sampling spots are not suitable for human consumption. Four sampling spots are in fare condition and not a single spot is having good or excellent WQI and it is not consumable and should not be consumed. Even than millions of people is consuming water in the fast developing city – Surat. Keywords: water quality parameters, water quality index (WQI), correlation coefficient, regression analysis.


water quality parameters, water quality index (WQI), correlation coefficient, regression analysis