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Factor Contributing To The Success Of Cultural Event Management: The Phanom Rung Festival, Burirum Province, Thailand


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P. Thanee


The aim to the study was to examine the factors that contribute to successful cultural festival management and how do those factors have an influence on sustainable tourism at The Phanom Rung Festival, Burirum province. The research focused on visitors and organizers opinion toward the management effectiveness of the Festival. In summary, managing a cultural festival successfully requires that organizers realize with following factors: the production and representation of the festival programs which interpreted how important of the festival and the venue as well as the cultural value to the people and community. Also, the management of facilities and infrastructures are needed. Moreover, the cooperation among organizers as well as raising awareness toward the festival and venue value is strongly needed. Finally, this festival was another one sample which acts as a tool to manage and preserve local heritage which was another way to develop sustainable tourism. Keywords: factors, The Phanom Rung Festival, cultural event management. 1 Introduction Festivals are a worldwide phenomenon that are represented in various forms such as dance, drama, comedy, film, music, the arts, crafts, ethnic and indigenous cultural heritage, religious traditions, historically significant occasions, sporting events, food and wine, seasonal rites, and agricultural products [1]. With a variety of purposes, festivals are performed differently by diverse groups but share common purposes to reveal experiences, revitalize


factors, The Phanom Rung Festival, cultural event management