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Determination Criteria For National Water Tourism Routes


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A. Macerinskiene


Numerous surface water basins and the natural environment both compound one of the attractive elements that could evolve as an international tourism potential in Lithuania. Active tourism, ecotourism and outdoor tourism are quickly becoming popular and have a great potential to be discovered in Eastern Europe, bearing in mind available water-resources and opportunities. Lithuania takes action in the development of public tourism infrastructure, analysis and evaluation of active tourism fanciers, carries out research on needs and facilities, encourages business initiatives and refines the legal basis, all leading to the promotion of active recreation in the nature and enhancement of tourism opportunities. A methodology ensuring the evaluation of routes for water tourism suitability was developed with a view to identify particular water tourism routes that would be the most attractive for incomers and domestic tourists and these are known as national routes. The application of criteria, such as the minimal impact of seasonality, climate and meteorology conditions, guarantees the attractiveness of the routes and upholds long-term potential for further development. The methodology has been approved by previously carried out dossier surveys taking interviews from water tourism rent service providers and specifying methodology criteria. Conformation under methodology has been approved by performing experiential research, i.e. by paddling prospective water tourism routes. Rivers meeting all predetermined criteria within the established methodology have been classified as national water tourism routes in Lithuania. The main tasks on water tourism development with a view to ensure the proper environment for recreation in nature for incomers and domestic tourists are the triggering of basic tourism infrastructure (campsites, respite sites and etc.) and the encouragement of active water tourism marketing.


active tourism, tourism product, water trail, water route, outdoor tourism