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Biomimetics: Networking To Turn Scientific Knowledge Into Beneficial Practice


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R. W. Erb


BIOKON International is a non-profit organization and focuses on international initiatives and measures to build an integrative network of leading experts in the field of biomimetics. The primary objective is to make biomimetics useful as a source of ideas and innovations for technology, business, and society. The association combines resources and competencies in the area of biomimetics, bionics and bio-inspired technologies to achieve sustained success. By sharing our knowledge, biomimetics products and technologies as drivers of innovation are promoted. The presentation focuses on innovation management and how biomimetics networks contribute to turn scientific knowledge into beneficial practice. Keywords: biomimetics, network, innovation, knowledge transfer, interdisciplinarity. 1 Biomimetics – interdisciplinarity and networking Biomimetics is based on the interdisciplinary link that extends from fundamental research to multi-faceted high-tech applications in and with a previously unknown scope and reach. It relies on interaction between biological and technical expertise with a clearly application-orientated approach. Successful transfer of knowledge concerning the structures, processes and characteristics of living systems to technical systems and their application in industrial practice is a \“conditio sine qua non” for intelligible communication, correspondence and cooperation between disciplines. The complexity of today’s challenges means that a single discipline is unable to face them alone. An interdisciplinary dialogue is vital in coping with these challenges, and precisely, this is one of biomimetics’ strongest points.


biomimetics, network, innovation, knowledge transfer, interdisciplinarity