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SIRIO High Performance Decision Support System For Wildfire Fighting In Alpine Regions: An Integrated System For Risk Forecasting And Monitoring


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L. Corgnati, A. Losso & G. Perona


In order to optimize performances and resources operating in wildfire fighting in complex orography regions, SIRIO, an integrated monitoring system for high performance decision support has been developed. SIRIO is built up of four modules: risk forecasting, monitoring activities, image interpretation and geo-referencing and decision support products generation. The previsional evaluation of the fire risk has an addressing function on surveillance and monitoring activities. The monitoring system operates with low cost optical sensors scanning Visible, Near Infrared and Thermal Infrared bands and a high precision low cost moving system. The system is equipped with a Micro Weather Radar operating as a super gauge and is able to nowcast weather conditions. Processed data are transferred to the central server via a very flexible communication system that can operate with GPRS standards, RF links or satellite connectivity. The image interpretation modules operate on the central server performing smoke detection and hot spot identification on the basis of a tailored radiometric model. The last block of the system is responsible for processed images geo-referencing and decision support products generation. The final products are a collection of scenario images sensed in the Visible band, geo-referenced images with highlighted alarm pixels with overlaying Digital Elevation Model (DEM) levels and topographic layers containing information to be used in the case of intervention, namely a field of view on the analysed area, hot-spot positions, helicopter landing spot positions, water supply positions and intervention squad localization. Monitoring sessions can be browsed on the official SIRIO website, which allows selected access for competent operators.


forest fires, decision support, monitoring, alpine regions, fire risk