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Development Of A Novel High Performance Cake-less Filtration System


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T. Mori, H. Satone, T. Hirata & J. Tsubaki


A new cake-less continuous filtration system with a spiral guide rod inserted into a ceramic tube filter and slurry prepared in a well dispersion state has been developed. We tried to filter some difficult to filter materials such as iron oxide and activated sludge. Especially, the algal suspension and activated sludge was not able to be filtrated by a conventional filtration system like filter press. Concentrated slurries of iron oxide and activated sludge were discharged at 35 vol% and 7.55 mass% respectively. The concentrates of every sample retained flowability. In addition, to apply this system to a real process, we tried to calculate the filter tube number from the relationship between the filtration flux and slurry concentration. As a result, the size of this system can be expected to be very compact. Also, in this system, the batch operation was more effective than continuous operation. Keywords: dispersant, dynamic filtration, purification, solid-liquid separation, suspension, thickening, washing. 1 Introduction In the cake filtration used to concentrate slurry in many industries, there are various problems such as; the packing fraction of the formed cake is low because of the added flocculants, the cake formed on the filter media has no flowability, and therefore has to be scraped mechanically, which makes the instrument becomes big and complicated. In order to overcome these problems, we developed a novel filtration system, in which a dispersant is added instead of a flocculant and the concentrate can be collected continuously without any scraper because the concentrate still has


dispersant, dynamic filtration, purification, solid-liquid separation, suspension, thickening, washing