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Some Eastern Europe Experiences With Environmental Aspects Of Urban Plans


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B. Vrbaski & S. Krnjetin


The preparation of Strategic Environmental Assessment, as an important step in the chain of hierarchical solving of environmental problems, represents a very important factor in shaping our surroundings. The increasing pollution of all environmental elements emphasizes the need to react at all levels, in particular by strategic planning when built up environments are formed. The aim of this paper is to analyze our experience in application of the Law on Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment. We have paid special attention to its drawbacks, observed in preparation of a strategic environmental impact assessment. Strategic environmental assessments have mostly been prepared in a \“bureaucratic” way without employing adequate methods and foremost without the corresponding input data, which would be processed by means of adequate methods. For the purpose of relevant document preparation as efficiently as possible, 13 typical examples have been analyzed and a series of principles, criteria and solutions for observed problems is defined on the basis thereof. Keywords: environmental indicators, public participation, strategic environmental impact assessment. 1 Introduction As one of many countries in transition, Serbia is also been faced with existing problems related to protection of the environment. Significant changes in the legislation of the Republic of Serbia in the area of environment protection which occurred in the course of 2004 when four new laws were adopted (the Law on Environment Protection [1], the Law on Integrated Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution [2], the Law on Environmental Impact Assessment [3]


environmental indicators, public participation, strategic environmental impact assessment