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Promoting Cycling: Development Aspects In Two Different Cities, Copenhagen And Patras


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N. Tsakas, E. Matsoukis & I. M. Bernhoft


The problems caused by the extended use of private motor vehicles, tend to prove that it is indispensable to turn the attention to alternative, although vulnerable, transport modes. In order to encourage citizens to change their habits, appropriate conditions must be provided. In some European places, such as Copenhagen, Denmark, the conditions are already there and, by these, a high level of acceptance from the citizens is achieved. At the same time, in some other European cities, like Patras, Greece, conditions that encourage citizens to cycle or to walk, simply do not exist. The purpose of this paper is to recommend proposals for making Patras more bicycle friendly, based on the results of Copenhagen. A survey was carried out in Copenhagen (the so-called bicycle account), which revealed who the potential cyclists are, and what is the experience with cycle facilities. A multinomial logit model was then run, using as explanatory variables various personal characteristics, and the preferred mode of transport for different types of citizens was predicted. The results of this survey revealed the population groups that tend to prefer cycling and therefore constitute target groups for the future promotion of cycling. The existing situation for cyclists in Patras, Greece can be described as an absence of adequate facilities. A plan aiming at establishing bicycle tracks in a route connecting the city center to the University area was then proposed, together with the implementation of some other measures – on the basis of the Copenhagen experience – that assure the wide introduction of cycling in the city. The paper finally provides (i) useful guidelines regarding the factors that affect cycling conditions in Copenhagen and (ii) the plan for promoting cycling in Patras. Keywords: vulnerable transport modes, bicycle, mode choice, multinomial logit model, bicycling facilities, Copenhagen, Patras.


vulnerable transport modes, bicycle, mode choice, multinomial logitmodel, bicycling facilities, Copenhagen, Patras