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An Attempt To Revitalize Part Of An Island In A New Integrated System


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M. Şahin


The main objective of this paper is to represent a revitalization project, aiming at recombining all valuable yet disintegrated cultural and natural components of a certain place, in a new coherent system. Covering 23 acres of land in a non-populated part of the island of Büyükada (Prinkipo), one of the few islands boasted by Istanbul, the private property in question has now been the subject of a revitalization project. The premises include two dilapidated ancient brick furnaces, a farm, a farmhouse, a family manor in a relatively fit state (the latter converted from a farm building in 1936 by Sedad Hakkı Eldem, one of the most prominent figures in modern Turkish architecture), a large vineyard once used by monks of the nearby St. George Monastery, and diverse flora and fauna. Firstly, all the natural and cultural aspects of the site, having evolved over a long period of time, were registered and re-evaluated by the owners, artists, architecture students and experts in the interrelated disciplines of archeology, architecture, landscaping, tourism and engineering. Secondly, all the rundown components of the site were remapped and redesigned to yield a new meaning, in an attempt to create physical, visual, functional and economic integrity, consequent to considerable discussion regarding relevant issues, such as sustainable development, revitalization and adaptive re-use, restoration and development. While preserving the distinct character of the place with a minimum of intervention, a number of fruitful propositions were developed. This paper demonstrates the indigenous identity of the island along with observations and analysis of the premises and their evaluation in many respects, as well as the system considered for an environmentally-friendly revitalization project carried out through a participatory approach. Keywords: revitalization, integration, restoration, self-sustainability.


revitalization, integration, restoration, self-sustainability.