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Integrated Sustainability Analysis On Green Building Development In China: Case Study Of Three Green Practices


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Z. C. Cai & R. Wennerstern


China has adopted Sustainable Development as an inequitable strategy for the whole country in all industries. In the civil construction sector, sustainability in China is regarded as the development of Green Building. Due to the promotion by Chinese government, more and more buildings are emerging in China under the name of \“Green”. This paper offers a general overview of the current green trend in China and presents a specific analysis on three cases to search for the proper approach for China’s unique situation. The green practices are categorizes into three types: Modern Vernacular Architecture, Eco-offices and Mass-housing, according to their features in scale, location and function. Three specific cases were selected and the analysis of the different types was made. The analysis of the three projects is made from the perspectives of technology, economy, environmental impact, and social aspects, respectively. Finally, the paper argues that an adaptive and holistic approach should be found for the development of Green Building in China. Keywords: China, Green Building, new cave house, eco-office, Mass-housing. 1 Introduction 1.1 General background Most of the current studies on Green Building are based on situations in the developed world. However, the urgent demand of application emerges in developing countries which are very different from developed countries in terms


China, Green Building, new cave house, eco-office, Mass-housing.