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Challenges Of Green Management In Iran


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M. Abbaspour & S. Khadivi


From the sustainable development perspective, there is no contradiction between economic growth and environmental enhancement. The realization of the goals foreseen by the sustainable development provides a logical and sustainable vision to the economic, social, cultural and political activities. It improves sustainable planning in the environmental sector through optimal use of resources and protection of the environment. One of the main instruments in this regard in Iran is the implementation of a proper Consumption Model. The fourth five year National Development Plan of Iran (2005-2010) emphasizes the implementation of the Consumption Model in its 66th article and highly recommends the establishment of the Green Government as a conservation modality in public institutions. In light of the conducted research in establishment of the Green Government and its related agencies, the present challenges in terms of managerial, technical and cultural obstacles could be further studied at the national level. From the technical perspective, lack of adequate scientific knowledge for the optimization of materials and energy consumption and lack of knowledge and training, as well as undefined responsibilities at the managerial level for the establishment of the Green Management system and protection of national resources, directly contribute to this predicament. Other factors, such as an inequitable subsidized system, the widespread bureaucratic network and the need for privatization of various sectors, are indirectly responsible as well. The present article studies the above-mentioned challenges and provides recommendations to facilitate the establishment of Green Management. Keywords: Green Management, sustainable development, economic growth, Green Government.


Green Management, sustainable development, economic growth, Green Government.