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Safety Of Users In Road Evacuation: Modelling And DSS For Transport Supply And Supply-demand Interaction


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A. Vitetta, G. Musolino & F. A. Marcianò


In the last two decades several Decision Support Systems (DSS) implementing transport modelling have been developed to support transport planning in ordinary conditions. However, especially since 9/11, great efforts have been made to adapt the existing DSS, on the one hand, and develop dedicated DSS, on the other, to simulate transportation systems in emergency conditions in order to support evacuation planning and/or operative stages. Nowadays, several DSS are available on the market, or have been developed as research prototypes, for the above purpose. In this paper, based upon a comprehensive literature review, a selection of DSS are analysed and compared according to their ability to support evacuation planning activities. An application is set up to test transport system simulation through a DSS implementing a microscopic DTA model in order to support evacuation planning. The objective is to test the response capabilities of a DSS in supporting the validation of procedures to be undertaken in the event of emergency evacuation. The aim of the work is to provide planners, technicians and agencies with detailed understanding of the potential and shortcomings of modelling and DSS currently available both on the market and in research. Keywords: DSS for evacuation planning, supply, demand-supply interaction.


DSS for evacuation planning, supply, demand-supply interaction.